• Financial Wellness Solutions
  • Financial Education Workshops

    Life-Changing Workshops

    LFE's interactive Web-based or on-site workshops are designed to build financial skills and help consumers find more money to save and invest. Our highly trained Certified Instructors help participants become more informed consumers and knowledgeable, confident investors.

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  • Best of the Money Minute

    Best of the Money Minute!

    LFE's new Best of the Money Minute! publication showcases 25 of the most popular recent issues of our weekly Money Minute! e-learning series…all in one publication. Each timely issue in this valuable collection includes the latest consumer trends, practical money-saving strategies, costly financial traps, and handy links and resources on a specific topic.

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  • Money Minute! Videos

    Our new comprehensive Money Minute! Video Library provides engaging 4- to 7-minute video segments designed to solve specific problems Americans are struggling with today: finding more money to invest, reducing debt and credit problems, minimizing healthcare costs, cutting college expenses, and building retirement readiness skills. Learn more in our brief introductory video.

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  • Money Minute weekly e-learning

    Money Minute!

    LFE's popular, weekly educational e-learning series gives readers up-to-the-minute money-saving strategies, provides hundreds of helpful resources throughout the year, and warns of the latest financial scams to avoid.

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  • Financial E-book

    Top 10 E-book

    Our 170-page e-book has become one of our most popular tools. This comprehensive Financial Resource Guide is filled with hundreds of money-saving strategies and over 500 helpful resources and links.

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  • Retirement Tips and Traps E-book

    Retirement Tips & Traps

    To combat shockingly low retirement savings levels, LFE's engaging Retirement Tips & Traps e-book provides timely money-saving strategies, the latest traps to avoid, steps to reduce healthcare costs, current eldercare issues, and simple tips to make more informed decisions. Packed with colorful graphics and over 400 Web links and resources, this guide was developed to help current and future retirees enjoy their retirement years more!

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  • Money-Saving Tools

    Smart Money Certification

    This gamification tool helps plan participants measure their growing financial knowledge as they complete four Levels of Achievement. As an integral part of an employer's Financial Wellness Initiative, this interactive program gives participants the confidence and financial skills needed to make smart consumer decisions throughout their work lives.

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Financial Wellness Solutions

The LFE Institute has helped Americans throughout the U.S. build a stronger financial future for more than two decades through unbiased, best-in-class financial education solutions. Our comprehensive approach to financial wellness focus is to solve practical day-to-day problems and build financial skills…without selling financial products! We can help your employees, clients, or members find thousands of dollars to save and invest for a stronger financial future.

LFE's research team continuously monitors hundreds of financial and government sites to gather the latest resources and money-saving strategies. We then employ best practices to help Americans solve day-to-day financial problems, avoid traps, recover from financial setbacks, and achieve their financial dreams.

Our life-changing Smart Money System includes up-to-the-minute electronic financial education tools, Web-based coaching, unbiased mentoring, measurement tools, and our interactive workshop series. Our financial educators and coaches have a broad base of expertise as CFPs, CPAs, ChFCs, AFCs, and each has at least ten years of experience in credit, banking, mortgages, or other relevant financial fields.

For more information on how LFE can bring comprehensive financial education to your employees, clients, or members, contact us today!

We also provide educational support for military families as a Zeiders subcontractor. Contact us for details.

Money Minute Videos

These unbiased, on-demand, 4- to 7-minute videos are designed to educate, answer questions, and save viewers money when making critical financial decisions.

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Money Minute!

LFE's popular weekly educational e-learning series gives readers up-to-the-minute money-saving strategies, resources, and the latest financial scams to avoid.

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Personal Financial Education

LFE's Certified PFEs (Personal Financial Educators), also known as Money Coaches, provide face-to-face or Web-based coaching to help clients answer questions, hone skills, control spending, reduce debts, and recognize financial traps. See our Services page for more information and an informative video on PFE.

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