Those with no Pre-College Plan pay up to 3.5 times more for college than those with one

– Sallie Mae

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LFE’s new Pre-College Action Plan is changing the financial lives of students, and the parents and grandparents who support them.

After our bank recommended LFE’s Toolkit, we estimate we’ll save over $17,600 on college. – D Hernandez, Ft. Worth, TX

We had no idea where to start. These tools gave us a simple step-by-step plan to follow. Really helpful! – T. Arnez, Houston, TX

This should be a requirement for any college-bound student. I can’t believe all of these steps are not taught in high schools. – L Chen, Orlando, FL

This was so helpful. We made so many of the mistakes you covered when our older son went to school – and co-signed $186,000 in student loans. We’ll definitely save thousands this time around! – B Wilson, Indianapolis, IN

Thanks so much. Our daughter immediately cut her college costs by $4,200 this semester after taking this course! – J. Khatri, Newark, NJ.

Our CPA suggested this course, and it’s been a life-saver. Our daughter will be able to go to college without draining our retirement account. – J Soo, St. Louis, MO

We borrowed over $85,000 from our retirement plan to pay for college for our first son. Using the Action Plan, we’ll save thousands next year when his younger brother heads to school. – T Roberts, Atlanta, GA

I withdrew $155,000 from our savings for our son to attend college. Our daughter’s degree will cost nearly $90,000 LESS using the Action Plan! – B Sharp, Los Angeles, CA

Our son saved $7,560 on college visits using the strategies covered in this course. It really made a difference in our out-of-pocket costs. – D. Ramirez, Chicago, TX

We learned so many traps to avoid. The biggest benefit has been all the links and resources to help us evaluate which school to attend. We never would have thought of them. – P Morales, Los Angeles, CA

We were overwhelmed with the college-selection process. These tools saved so much time and gave us a step-by-step Plan to follow. Great job! – C Williams, Chicago, IL

Our daughter saved $5,980 in her 1st semester using this Action Plan! – B Jones, Dallas, TX

Our son took 6 years to graduate, and we co-signed $82,000 in student loans for him, but he hasn’t been able to find a good job. Using the Action Plan, our daughter has a great plan to graduate quicker and get a good paying job. Thanks for making it so easy. – M Lopez, Phoenix, AZ

Our credit union recommended this Plan to save on college. We thought our son was headed in the right direction until he completed the Action Plan. What a difference! We’ll save thousands ... and Aaron will graduate quicker than most of his friends. – P Isakson, Philadelphia, PAZ