Why this, why now?

43 million Americans owe $1.4 Trillion
in student loan debt
– Department of Education

Those who do no Pre-College Planning spend 3.5 times more on college – Sallie Mae

The educational focus today is how and where to obtain student loans. No one is teaching students proven strategies to save thousands, graduate quicker, and get a better job offer upon graduation … nor are parents and grandparents learning how to minimize loan obligations, avoid costly traps, and protect their retirement savings.

Now … education is available in 3 formats:

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LFE’s new interactive "Don’t Spend a Dime on College Until…" course teaches specific strategies to save thousands on college. Includes digital Pre-College Planning tools.

College Coaching

Highly qualified Coaches provide one-on-one tutoring to answer your questions and help you make informed decisions. Includes digital Pre-College Planning tools

Digital Pre-College Tools

LFE’s engaging digital tools include access to videos, a detailed Resource Guide, over 50 helpful links and resources, and a step-by-step ‘Action Plan Workbook’ to assist each student in building their own Pre-College Plan.

Other Resources

Comprehensive digital resources that help consumers at every life stage learn how to stretch their paychecks, and avoid the latest traps and scams.

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LFE also works with CFPs, AFCs, and ChFCs to provide financial coaching to military families.
Contact military@lfeinstitute.com to learn more.