Parents risk financial ruin when taking on student debt

– USC Study

You Can Change a Life!

Currently, 49% of college freshmen fail to graduate, and of those who do, the Department of Education just announced that 60% take 6 years or more to complete a 4-year degree. These problems cause students to amass more debt than they can typically repay. This exposes those who have co-signed – their parents and grandparents – to unanticipated debt at a time when they should be focused on retirement.
That’s why LFE is on a mission: To make our new digital Pre-College Action Plan Toolkit available to thousands of families of college-bound students in communities throughout the U.S. Our Partners are now making these tools available to employees, clients, and members to help them learn how to save thousands on college, borrow less, avoid costly mistakes, and build a stronger financial future.
We hope you’ll join us in changing the financial lives of families with college-bound students in your community!

Banks & Credit Unions

Increase market visibility, deposits, and fewer defaults by helping students & parents save thousands on college.



Reduce retirement withdrawals, garnishments, and financial stress by helping employees learn how to cut college costs for themselves, their kids, & their grandkids.



Protect your clients’ retirement assets by minimizing withdrawals & reducing the risk of additional debt.



Attract new clients by sponsoring specific solutions that will save them thousands.



This Outreach program helps members save thousands, avoid costly mistakes, & free up more money to give to the church.



Attract & retain students who are more likely to graduate, repay their loans, & contribute as alumni


School Systems

Create positive P/R by helping students & parents learn how to save thousands on college.


Membership Groups

This is another low-cost benefit that will save members thousands of dollars for every college-bound student.


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