8 College Traps To Avoid What Every Parent Needs to Know!

College is an exciting time for both students and parents, but it’s also one of the biggest financial decisions they will ever make.

Unfortunately, many do so without knowing the latest post-COVID traps to avoid, new ways colleges are setting students up to fail (or pay tens of thousands more than necessary), and key questions millions fail to ask.

This is essential information studentsand those who support them need to know before completing FAFSA or spending a dime on college. Falling for just one of these traps could derail a student’s entire college experience.

If you, or someone in your life, will be considering college within the next 3 years, you can’t afford to miss this informative workshop. Your financial future depends on it!

This Webinar – which started as ’10 Traps’ but was condensed to allow more time for Q&A – has quickly become one of our most popular classes. In this timely one-hour Webinar, participants will learn:

Trap #1 – New FAFSA changes: What parents don’t know could cost thousands

Trap #2 – Ignorance isn’t bliss: 50% of students fall for this trap

Trap #3 – Failing to learn insider secrets many colleges don’t want you to know

Trap #4 – The deck is stacked against you: 5 ways colleges set students up to fail

Trap #5 – Caution: A major new trend that will affect 10 – 15 million families

Trap #6 – The biggest mistake students will make in 2022

Trap #7 – 5 essential college questions most parents fail to consider

Trap #8 – The #1 regret for parents … and how to avoid it

8 College Traps

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This workshop is typically hosted privately by our Partners (for their clients, employees, members, etc.), but LFE has opened a limited number of Webinars up to the public in 2022 so families throughout the U.S. would have access this invaluable content.

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