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New: Fall 2022

Multi-Media 'College Planning' Education Helping Families Avoid Costly Mistakes

Rather than the brighter financial future most parents anticipated, college has left many disenchanted with their student’s college experience, the value of their education, depleted retirement accounts, and generations buried in debt. This is why a new Survey highlights these Americans no longer feel college is affordable:

82% of Women
80% of Black Americans
78% of Hispanics

After hearing horror stories from thousands of former students and parents with diverse income and ethnic backgrounds, the LFE Institute – an unbiased Financial Wellness firm for over two decades – worked with a Team of Financial and Academic Advisors, College Planners, and Curriculum Developers to create innovative new best-in-class College Planning Educational Platforms. These unique tools and a new Series of Live Webinars are all designed to help families avoid the latest critical College Trends & Problems.

This essential education helps students, parents, and even grandparents learn the latest college traps to avoid, identify ‘insider secrets’ many families never hear, and provide strategies to prevent costly mistakes that can add thousands to the cost of college.

These educational solutions are not meant to duplicate the valuable information already available, but to fill in missing details every family needs to know before spending a dime on college!

Two Unique New On-Demand Tools


Concise, timely videos have become the preferred method every generation uses to instantly build skills and learn how to prevent problems. This is especially true in today’s rapidly changing college landscape where every decision could cost tens of thousands of dollars. This new College Video Library quickly helps students and parents identify traps to avoid, how to balance college with retirement, alternatives to consider, how to prevent costly mistakes, effective strategies to save thousands, minimize debt, and more … all of which are designed to protect their financial security in the future!

New: October 2022

This new 5-Step System is different from the Library in that it’s the only scalable College Plan of its kind developed using best-in-class SCORM LMS Training Technology. This integrated System helps students navigate more than 50 essential questions, and provides specific links and resources to assist in completing their own unique College Action Plan. Parents use LFE’s proprietary 12-Point Guideto protect their financial resources as they navigate today’s complex college decisions.