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New Webinar Series

'It's Not that Hard to Plan for College'

College Selection: 9 Key Questions Millions Fail to Ask

‘More than 50% of grads from 33% of colleges
earn LESS than high school graduates.’
– 2022 Georgetown University Study

The LFE Institute, LLC, an unbiased Financial Wellness firm for over 2 decades, is rolling out its newest Webinar in our ‘College’ Series to help parents and grandparents of college-bound students make smarter college decisions.

College is an exciting time for both students and parents, but it’s also one of the biggest financial decisions they will ever make. Unfortunately, many do so without asking the right questions. They spend too much, make costly mistakes, incur too much debt, and fall for traps that are easy to avoid.

This new Webinar is typically sponsored by our Partners, but LFE is conducting this rare public Webinar in May. It includes essential information studentsand those who support them need to know before spending a dime on college. Failing to ask just one of these questions could derail a student’s entire college experience.

'Thanks. Quick course, but so worth it. EVERY high school student needs this information!' – M Ryan, Dallas, TX
‘Thanks. Quick course, but so worth it. EVERY high school student needs this information!’ – M Ryan, Dallas, TX

Webinar: Only $19!

Don’t spend a dime on college until you attend this rare public class!


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College Video Library
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LFE sells NOTHING other than education, so there’s never a hidden agenda!

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