The cost of a 4-year degree has skyrocketed past $150,000 in hundreds of schools across the country. Without a pre-college Plan, millions of parents and grandparents of college-bound students are crippling their finances for decades. They’re not prepared to utilize essential cost-cutting strategies, nor learning the latest traps to avoid.

Once students register for college – or borrow their first dollar – it’s often too late to avoid costly mistakes. That’s why LFE – along with financial and academic advisors, curriculum design experts, and our in-house Financial Literacy specialists – created the first digital ‘Pre-College Action Plan.’

This simple, step-by-step solution is designed to save students thousands on college, while minimizing debt obligations and protecting the retirement security of their parents and grandparents.

Don’t spend a dime on college – or co-sign a loan – until your student has completed a ‘Pre-College Action Plan!’ Your financial future depends on it!

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