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College Planning Educational Tools

Helping Families Avoid Costly Mistakes

Rather than the brighter financial future most parents anticipated, college has left many disenchanted with their student’s college experience, the value of their education, depleted retirement accounts, and generations buried in debt.

After talking with thousands of former students and parents, the LFE Institute, an unbiased Financial Wellness firm for nearly three decades, now specializes in developing innovative new College Planning Educational tools to help families avoid these problems.

This education is not meant to duplicate the valuable information already available, but to fill in the gaps. These two digital tools – while very different – are both designed to help students, parents, and even grandparents learn the latest college traps to avoid, identify ‘insider secrets’ many families never hear, and provide strategies to prevent costly mistakes that can add thousands to the cost of college.

Concise, timely videos have become the preferred method every generation uses to instantly build skills and learn how to prevent problems … and this is especially true in today’s rapidly changing college marketplace. This new College Video Library is designed to help students and parents quickly zero in on the latest traps to avoid, new trends, how to prevent costly mistakes, effective strategies thousands of families are using, and so much more. Click on the image to learn more.
The 5-Step CAP System includes 58 essential questions every student needs to ask, along with links and resources to help obtain the answers as they complete their own unique College Action Plan. This simple System is designed to help students avoid costly mistakes, explore exciting new alternatives, graduate quicker, borrow less, and be better prepared for the job market! Watch for the new interactive SCORM-LMS Training Platform coming soon. Click on the image to learn more.