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About Us

“This Plan helped me work with my Advisor to identify how much I can afford to pay for my son’s education.” – J’Nelle Roberts, Atlanta, GA

The LFE Institute has been a leader in developing unbiased Workplace Financial Wellness Education for over two decades. More than 1 million employees and clients at Ameriprise, Wells Fargo, ITT Financial, San Diego Pensions (SDCERA), Jackson Hewitt, Harris Bank, Minnesota Mutual, Moneylogic, U.S. Bank, National City Bank, and others utilized our ‘broad-based’ Financial Wellness solutions prior to selling the live workshops and a variety of e-Learning tools.

After hearing thousands of college-related horror stories, Alice Whinnery, Founder and CEO of LFE – and a former CPA with PwC – then worked with a Team of Financial and Academic Advisors, CPAs, College Planners, and Curriculum Developers to create the first College e-Learning tools utilizing the latest best-in-class SCORM-LMS Technology.

Our goal was not to duplicate the helpful information on other ‘College’ sites, but to quickly highlight what’s missing: The latest college traps to avoid, questions millions fail to ask, ‘insider secrets’ colleges don’t want them to know, alternatives to consider, and strategies to reduce the high cost of college.

Due to escalating college costs, it’s essential today for parents and grandparents of college-bound students to work with experienced Advisors to integrate these costs into a cohesive college & retirement plan. For this reason, we created this unique 3-Step Plan for College & Retirement to provide the education families need … and a Marketing System to help Advisors connect with this massive market year-after-year.