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The LFE Institute has been a leader in developing unbiased Financial Wellness Education for nearly three decades. After hearing thousands of college horror stories from families who were unaware of 58 questions to ask and mistakes to avoid, the firm transitioned from ‘broad-based’ educational solutions to focus exclusively on providing the missing component in Financial Wellness today: The 1st scalable Multi-media College Planning Educational System that gives families everywhere the information they need to maximize every dollar spent on higher education.
One-on-one College Planning can cost up to $10,000 (or more), and many digital college resources available today have led to 40% drop-out rates, massive unemployment for new grads, and monumental student loan debt. This is why LFE collaborated with a national Team of Academic and Financial Advisors to create the 1st digital College Planning System for the masses designed to prevent these problems.
The goal is to help all college-bound students – first-generation, high school, foreign nationals, and non-traditional students – learn critical questions to ask and master essential strategies that have previously only been available to the wealthy.  
"These tools are so simple. What a life-saver! We will save over $6,000 every year." - G Peters, Kansas City, MO
“These tools are so simple. What a life-saver! We will save over $6,000 every year.” – G Peters, Kansas City, MO