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New Unlimited Option For Advisory & Tax Professionals

College Video Library

Use It to Attract More Clients &
Boost Revenues in 2023!

If you have – or want to attract – retirement or tax clients with a college-bound student in their lives, LFE has created this new digital College Video Library to help them save thousands on college … while helping you – our Partners – accomplish one or more of these goals in 2023:

  • Leverage your time
  • Dramatically increase profits!
  • Attract more corporate & 401(k) business during ‘Open Enrollment’
  • Cross-sell other services for greater growth
  • Reach hundreds with our NEW UNLIMITED Subscription Option

New Option – Multiple Opportunities

Leverage Your Time – Increase profits

We can help you open new doors, increase visibility, and boost revenues while helping parents and grandparents avoid these costly mistakes! Here are just a few of the markets for these new educational tools.

Tax or Retirement Planning Clients
Professional Networks
High Schools – Youth Groups
Membership Groups
Partner with Financial Firms
Individual Clients & Prospects!

Stand Out in Your Field

You can gain a competitive edge helping dozens, hundreds – or even thousands – of families or employees accomplish these goals:

  • Minimize future debt!
  • Avoid the latest college traps
  • Graduate quicker
  • Prevent costly mistakes millions are making
  • Identify ‘Insider Secrets’ colleges don’t want you to know
  • Avoid the massive ‘College Disconnect’ between Grads & employers
  • Determine how college will affect your long-term financial security
  • Utilize money-saving links & resources not found in most college sites
  • Work the ‘Numbers’ – Determine if college makes economic sense (ROI)
  • Avoid the ‘Great College Drop-out’
  • Turn higher education into a great job offer
  • Explore exciting new low-cost alternatives to the traditional ‘College’ track
  • Identify activities that are more important to employers than your school 
  • Capitalize on up-to-the-minute trends: Test Optional Schools, STEM, the job market, and more!
  • Make more informed student loan decisions
  • Save thousands to ensure future Financial Independence!

“More than 50% of grads from 33% of colleges earn LESS than high school graduates.”
– 2022 Georgetown University Study

“These videos helped us free up more money to invest for retirement.” – Robert Carson, Dallas, TX

“After 10 years, Parent PLUS borrowers owe 55% of their initial balance … & after 20 years, they still owe 38%!”
– 2022 Century Foundation Report

New Look & Content Coming Q1 2023

Here’s a sample:

New: Holiday Savings

25 Subscriptions to both Video Library & ‘College Plan’

Throughout the Holidays, we’re offering 25 Subscriptions for our new  College Video Library and the 1st ‘College Plan‘ using the latest LMS Training Technology. You’re free to sell or give these Subscriptions away. Standard pricing ranges from $229 – $499/Subscription. This is ideal for those who want to increase visibility or boost profits in 2023.

Special Pricing is also available for Unlimited Subscriptions through December 15, 2022.

CANCEL AT ANY TIME and continue to sell or give away your 25 Subscriptions through 12.31.2023!
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Unlimited Video Library Subscription