Affiliate Partners

COVID-19 has changed College Planning forever, and . That’s why, as we launch our new College Planning tools nationally, it’s created exciting opportunities for Affiliates who just want to teach a few hours a month (either for LFE and their own clients), add our tools to an existing business, or generate a six-figure stand-alone business.


Affiliates can keep it simple, but can still capitalize on these benefits:

  • Ground-floor opportunity
  • Unlimited income potential
  • Residual & referral income
  • Ability to cross-sell other services
  • Flexibility – Work from home or office
  • Ability to leverage through key 3rd-party Providers
  • Build an asset you can sell
  • Change the financial lives of thousands of college-bound families!
'Post-COVID College Planning' Webinar

'Post-COVID College Planning' Webinar

Initial Affiliates also have the opportunity to be the first work with local employers, school systems, banks, churches, large online companies, membership groups, pension providers, state and Federal agencies, etc.


If you want to capitalize on this opportunity as millions of families struggle to meet upcoming college deadlines, schedule a time to talk our CEO here.  We only add a limited number of new Affiliates each month, so contact us immediately if you’d like to be considered for an opening this month.

College Planning: Two Solutions for Affiliates

LFE – a leader in the Financial Literacy field for more than two decades prior to selling our ‘generic’ educational tools – is now focused exclusively on creating innovative new tools to help college-bound families save thousands on college.


We offer both a ‘Certified Instructor-Only’ Affiliate Option and our full Affiliate Package, which includes both services below. All Affiliates set their own pricing … and retain 100% of their revenue when working with their own clients! LFE also pays Instructors who go though the ‘Certification’ process $300 – $500/hour when teaching our new College Planning workshop for LFE clients.


See the Instructor Affiliate Agreement. Be the first in your area to offer these unique new solutions:



This unique information-packed workshop covers the latest College Planning mistakes every parent or grandparent of a college-bound student needs to know!

This fast-paced Post-COVID Webinar was designed to help students – and the parents and grandparents who support them – learn the following:

  • What colleges aren’t telling them after the shutdown
  • Why 4.6 million students walk away from free money every year
  • How grads can be better prepared for the ‘new’ job market
  • Critical Post-COVID questions to ask
  • Specific strategies to slash college costs
  • The latest college traps to avoid



After collaborating with Academic and Financial experts throughout the U.S., LFE created the first online System focused on the ‘Finances’ of College Planning. The goal is to ensure that every dollar spent on higher education is invested wisely! See CAP System Video (Branded for our Affiliates). Here are just a few of the CAP Testimonials we receive from CAP Subscribers during our initial 9 months of field testing.


Our Affiliates are essentially wholesalers of the CAP Subscription service. They purchase Subscriptions at a deep discount, then resell them to individuals, their existing clients, participants of the ‘College Planning’ workshop, through 3rd-party referral sources, via Social Media, etc. … and retain 100% of the revenue!



Our Support

LFE is essentially the ‘back room’ for our Affiliates, providing ongoing live and on-demand training, personal mentoring, an array of Branded marketing tools, customizing specific resources for them, Branding the CAP System Dashboard, and other customized services to help our Affiliates reach their financial and business goals.


Book a time to learn more here. If you have a passion to change the financial lives of hundreds – or even thousands – of college-bound families, we look forward to working with you!


The LFE Team