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At LFE, our mission is to help millions of late-stage college-bound families (those with students headed to college within the next 6 – 36 months) learn how to save thousands on college, avoid costly mistakes, and minimize future student loan debt burdens. It’s a massive market that replenishes itself year after year!

To accomplish this objective, we are working with Affiliate Partners (that’s you) to make the 1st digital D-I-Y College Planning tools – our new Post-COVID CAP (College Action Plan) System – available to families in key markets throughout the U.S.

The clock is ticking … Parents are making critical college decisions right now as we start the New Year, so it’s the perfect time to use this educational solution to attract new clients and dramatically boost profits.

The self-paced 5-Step CAP System requires none of your time, which allows you to help hundreds or even thousands of parents and grandparents as they make critical college decisions this Spring. As a ‘wholesaler’ of these tools, your cost is minimal, but you now have a whole new group of clients who might be a good fit for your other services!

Affiliates Prevent Problems

The Wall Street Journal warns Americans that College is one of the greatest threats to retirement security today. LFE’s Affiliate Partners are able to provide the 1st turn-key educational solution to prevent college-related problems that are affecting generations of families for decades:

  • Students are training for jobs that no longer exist – NBC News
  • Students with no College Plan spend up to 3.5 times more for college – Sallie Mae
  • Post-COVID school closings leave students with worthless credits and degrees, and their parents buried in debt – MarketWatch
  • 41% of recent (Pre-COVID) college grads work in jobs that don’t require a degree – Federal Reserve
  • 4.6 million college families walk away from free money every year – Forbes
  • 64% of students run out of money every semester – Edvisors
  • Parents are now on the hook for ALL new private student loans – Forbes
  • Parents now owe $100 billion in ‘Parent PLUS Loans’ – NY Times
  • 50 & Older: The 2nd fastest growing age group for student loan debt! – Department of Education
  • 60 & Older: THE fastest growing age group for student loan debt, growing 33% in 2020! – Fidelity


Two Powerful marketing tools to reach the masses

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Now, for the first time, Affiliates can use LFE’s new Post-COVID College Planning Educational System to help thousands of families learn how to navigate complex college decisions. It’s a digital 5-Step System that can generate additional revenue … but takes none of your time!

Developed by a National Team of Financial and Academic Advisors, CAP helps students quickly learn how easy it is to save thousands on college, graduate quicker, borrow less, avoid costly mistakes, and be better prepared for the job market.

Here are just a few Case Studies (PDF) illustrating how families saved thousands on college using this unique solution … which frees up tremendous resources for retirement and other financial goals.

Contact LFE to learn more about the marketing tools and support we offer to help you achieve success … or go here (PDF) to learn more.

2021 College Planning Workshop

As thousands of parents and grandparents of high school Juniors and Seniors struggle to make life-changing college decisions, this turn-key workshop can be one of the easiest – and most effective – marketing tools to help attract more clients, gain access to more employers, and boost profits. It’s included at no cost for all Affiliates. See this link for more details.

Plus, for a Limited Time: LFE is also including Special Bonus Features for all workshop participants to help Affiliates fill their Webinars. 

Workshop: A great marketing tool for 2021!

Master Affiliate Program

This extremely lucrative option is just one of the many benefits available to those who currently have – or are building – a Network of financial and business professionals to help them leverage their time and revenues.

They’re looking for additional tools and unique services that provide the same benefits for their members or associates that our individual Affiliates seek: Greater visibility, a competitive edge, more clients, and higher revenues!

To help Master Affiliates leverage their time, LFE provides the training and support to all Affiliates … in addition to exclusive benefits, more attractive pricing, and special marketing support for those in their Network.

Contact LFE today to learn more about the unique opportunities and support we offer Master Affiliates.