Employee Mistakes Impact Your bottom line

The Wall Street Journal warns Americans that College is one of the greatest obstacles to financial security, yet millions of employees will make costly college mistakes this year. Lack of education on critical post-COVID college decisions a missing component in Financial Wellness Programs is impacting their personal finances for decades, while negatively affecting their employer’s bottom line!

After hearing thousands of college-related horror stories from both employers and their workforce, the LFE Institute, a leader in Financial Wellness education for more than two decades, collaborated with a national team of Financial and Academic Advisors to develop the 1st College Planning Educational System to help employees save hundreds of hours of research and thousands of dollars on college.

This unique low-cost benefit will help attract and retain the best employees, as well as reduce these college-related expenses:

  • Retirement Plan withdrawals & loans
  • Stress-related healthcare costs
  • The high cost of Presenteeism (researching college)
  • Future student loan liens & garnishments
  • Workplace distractions and/or accidents
  • Time: Addressing employees’ college questions & problems
Lack of College Planning costs employers millions
Lack of College Planning costs employers millions

Low-Cost Benefit – One Flat Fee for all

COVID changed the process and strategies (the ‘Rules’) when planning for college forever, but one-on-one consulting with a College Planner can cost employees up to $10,000 each. Now, there’s a better way: The 1st digital College Planning Educational System designed to educate the masses.

Whether your employees are students themselves or have a college-bound student in their life this 5-Step System helps them learn how to save thousands on college, borrow less, access free resources, and avoid costly mistakes.

It’s like giving employees a ‘raise’ … without adding a dime to the payroll!
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The 1st Scalable College Planning Employee Benefit

Employees unprepared for the costly ‘game of college’

While SHRM reports that nearly 50% of employers now offer Tuition Assistance programs, most are unaware of the negative long-term impact for employees who fail learn the latest Rules of the costly ‘Game of College.’ Learning the right questions to ask, post-COVID traps to avoid, free resources no one is telling them about, and ‘insider secrets’ college won’t share will help your employees overcome these trends.

40% of students drop out – Leaving students & parents buried in debt!
40% of students drop out – Leaving students & parents buried in debt!
  • Students with no College Plan spend up to 3.5 times more for college – Sallie Mae
  • 41% of recent pre-COVID college grads work in jobs that don’t require a degree – Federal Reserve
  • 4.6 million families walk away from free college money every year – Forbes
  • Students are training for jobs that no longer exist – NBC News
  • COVID-related college closings will leave students with worthless credits and degrees, and their parents buried in debt – MarketWatch
  • Parents are now on the hook for ALL new private student loans – Forbes
  • 50 & Older: The 2nd fastest growing age group for student loan debt – Department of Education
  • 60 & Older: THE fastest growing age group for student debt – grew by 33% in 2020 – Fidelity

We’re committed to your success

We are committed to helping our Corporate Partners offer the best, most cost-effective benefits for their workforce. Book a quick Zoom call today to learn how this unique digital solution can positively impact your employees, while boosting your bottom line in 2021.