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Benefits: 3-Step Marketing System

This Turn-key Marketing System Offers Advisors & CPAs the Following Benefits:

Financial professionals today face multiple challenges as they look for ways to leverage their time, increase profits … and seek to attract more Retirement Planning clients.

The LFE Institute created its new 3-Step Marketing Plan to accomplish these goals … and so much more. Here are just a few of the unique benefits this turn-key marketing System provides:

Sense of Urgency: Every year, millions of parents and grandparents struggle to balance the high college costs with their retirement goals. And for those with students in high school, they’re making life-changing decisions now … which presents incredible growth opportunities for Advisors who want to attract this massive market.

Focus: We provide unbiased client education on essential college decisions (Steps #1 & #2) so that YOUR focus can be on integrating the high cost of college into their Retirement and/or a more specific College Plan (for those offering detailed College Planning services).

Leverage Your Exposure: The powerful capabilities of the latest SCORM-LMS Technology help leverage your visibility to dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of parents anywhere, anytime!

No Learning Curve: The learning curve is quick since there are no complex college systems, charts, software, or data to learn.

Select the Best Clients: Your customizable Dashboard allows you to access client analytics & timelines to identify who has completed Steps 1 & 2, and which clients you want to select for Step 3: A one-on-one consultation.

Boost Revenue: This is a Marketing Plan that actually generates revenue. You’ll learn how to price these Steps both individually and collectively for maximum profits … and you retain 100% of the revenue!

Competitive Edge: Stand out from other Advisors by offering this innovative – and much needed – new service.

More One-on-one Consultations: This education encourages parents and grandparents to work with you, which generates more opportunities to cross-sell other services.

Unbiased education on specific strategies & costly mistakes to avoid clients won’t find anywhere else.

No Advice is Given