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College Video Library & Resource Guides

Rather than the brighter financial future most parents anticipated, college has left many disenchanted with their student’s college experience, the value of their education, depleted retirement accounts, and generations buried in debt. Critical education has been missing … until now. 

The popular College Video Library and the new Resource Guides were designed to help families learn essential skills to save thousands, avoid costly mistakes, graduate quicker, borrow less, and be better prepared for today’s changing job market. These unbiased educational tools can transform your student’s college experience into a positive and valuable investment in their future. See these FAQs to learn more.


One College Mistake Can Cost Thousands!

Parents & students are unaware that 91% of colleges mislead them on costs, fees, & financial aid … so they are often unprepared for actual college costs
– 2023 U.S. GAO Study
More than 50% of grads from 33% of colleges earn LESS than high school graduates … due to costly mistakes, poor planning, & a failure to access the right information
–  2022 Georgetown University Study
79% of Black, 68% of Hispanic, and 60% of ALL students fail to graduate in 4 years, costing families thousands more than originally anticipated
– 2023 Fidelity Study

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“Such a practical approach to college.
It saved dozens of hours of research.”

– Angie Wilson, San Francisco, CA

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