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Education for a Brighter Financial
Future for Students & Parents

BrighterU’s innovative new Education & Certification process provides essential questions, strategies, and resources high school students and their parents and grandparents need to know prior to making life-changing decisions after graduation … whether to head straight into the job market, attend college, or explore one of the exciting new alternatives. Our goal was to help families build a brighter financial future by ensuring that every dollar spent on higher education is invested wisely.

BrighterU is the 1st
'Education & Certification'
Process for Students

Preventing just ONE college mistake can $AVE thousands!

53% of recent college Grads feel unprepared for today’s job market.”
– Harvard Business Review

70,000 employers are disappointed in the skills of recent college Grads.”
– Freedom Economy Index

79% of Black and 68% of Hispanic students fail to graduate in 4 years.”
Department of Education


College isn’t right for everyone … or it may not be the best option right now. BrighterU provides essential unbiased information you won’t find in one location anywhere else to help students make smart choices that are right for them. These new fact-filled videos, links, and resource guides focus exclusively on answering essential questions most students, parents, and grandparents fail to ask. The dual goals are to protect your finances, while providing a Roadmap to help your student navigate and simplify key decisions after high school as they prepare for a brighter financial future.

BrighterU Helps Answer
Essential College Questions

BrighterU provides the education to quickly learn why each question is so important, then gives you access to valuable tools and resources to answer them. BrighterU also offers the 1st Education & Certification process that measures the planning skills and knowledge of students – many of whom will be bound for college – and is available exclusively for BrighterU Members.

Don’t let uncertainty or lack of knowledge leave you in the dark about an investment in your student’s future. Let BrighterU shine a light on your path to success.