Why It Works

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It’s Unique

COVID changed the College Planning process forever!

This innovative new Post-COVID College Action Plan works because it’s the first online Toolkit well beyond simply comparing financial aid packages, looking at funding when selecting colleges, or completing a FAFSA Application. 

It Goes Beyond Other Programs

A true Post-COVID College Plan goes beyond college funding. It is a series of interconnected decisions – each with its own cost – that will affect the financial lives of parents and grandparents of college-bound students for decades. In addition to preventing the problems noted below, it will also lead to the ultimate goal: A great job offer!

See this CAP System Video to learn more.

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It Prevents Major Problems

Failing to go beyond comparing college aid and funding packages has led to a 40% drop-out rate, only 24% of college freshmen graduating in 5 or less years, record-high unemployment rates for grads, and overwhelming debt obligations for the parents and grandparents who co-signed their student loans.

Here are just a few of the ways the CAP SystemTM helped others during our 9 months of field testing of these unique new tools: Testimonials

Focuses on Specific Outcomes

LFE’s College Planning Toolkit quickly guides students through the process of creating their own personal College Action Plan. Students learn the questions millions of students never ask, and have instant access to invaluable resources to help them build a personalized Plan to slash college costs, graduate quicker, avoid costly mistakes, borrow less, and obtain agreat job offer!

Nothing Like It!

There is no program like it anywhere! So don’t spend a dime on college – or co-sign a loan – until you see a completed College Action Plan. Your financial future depends on it!

Go to this site today to start your exciting journey to financial freedom.

The LFE Team