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College Planning: The Missing Benefit


Employee College Mistakes Impact Your bottom line

The Wall Street Journal warns Americans that College is one of the greatest obstacles to financial security, yet millions of employees will make costly college mistakes this year. Lack of education on critical post-COVID college decisions a missing component in Financial Wellness Programs is impacting their personal finances for decades, while negatively affecting their employer’s bottom line!

After hearing thousands of college-related horror stories from both employers and their workforce, the LFE Institute, a leader in Financial Wellness education for more than two decades, collaborated with a national team of Financial and Academic Advisors to develop the 1st scalable College Planning Educational System to help employees save hundreds of hours of research and thousands of dollars on college.


Benefits of ‘Late Stage’ College Planning Education

For many employees, there’s no greater expense than the cost of college – especially post-COVID – yet LFE’s digital CAP System is one of the most affordable Employee Benefit you can offer. 

It will not only help you attract and retain the best employees, but also reduce these college-related expenses:

  • Retirement Plan withdrawals & loans
  • Employees fail to save for retirement when they spend thousands more than needed on college
  • Stress-related healthcare costs due to worries about college
  • The high cost of Presenteeism (researching college takes dozens of hours)
  • Future student loan liens & garnishments when employees borrow too much
  • Workplace distractions and/or accidents
  • Time: Addressing employees’ college questions & problems, requests for personal loans, etc.

Low-Cost Benefit – Multiple Options

Whether your employees are students themselves or have a college-bound student in their life this is one of the most affordable benefits you can offer.

We make it so simple, so ask about options. There isn’t another benefit you can provide that will truly save employees thousands of dollars.