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High Schools

Help Students Avoid College Traps


Millions of high school students make critical decisions about college every year. However, their focus is often limited to which college to attend, who will give them the most financial aid, and how to get accepted at the school of their choice.

While all of these objectives are important, misinformation, false assumptions, and failure to know the right questions to ask have turned their dream of a brighter financial future into a nightmare. Traditional college resources have led to 40% drop-out rates, students taking too long to graduate, record-high unemployment for new college grads, and families buried in debt.

That’s why the LFE Institute, an unbiased Financial Literacy firm for more than two decades, created the 1st digital post-COVID College Planning Educational System specifically designed to help both students and parents avoid these costly mistakes. See (PDF) Case Studies and Testimonials.


Benefits of ‘Late Stage’ College Planning Education

Making this affordable System available to your students, their parents, and your teachers and administrators offers the following benefits: 

  • Saves time: This turn-key solution is designed to save dozens of hours of research
  • Saves money: Students and parents learn simple, effective strategies to save thousands of college
  • Minimize future debt: Help families borrow less for higher education
  • Attract new students: Offering unbiased education that will impact their financial lives for decades will attract more students
  • Stronger community: Making smarter decisions about higher education helps build a stronger community
  • Helps teachers & advisors: These up-to-the-minute tools will also be available to every teacher and academic advisor
  • Positive P/R: You can leverage your commitment to help families save thousands on college and avoid the latest traps into positive P/R about your school!

Take Action Now

Thousands of families will be making critical college decisions this Fall and into 2022. Contact us today to learn how this low-cost, high-return College Planning System can help you accomplish your goals for 2021 and beyond!