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Reach Thousands of Families in 2021 & Beyond


College is one of the biggest financial decisions many parents and grandparents of college-bound students will ever make, yet too many do so without a plan, unaware of the right questions to ask, and uninformed on the latest traps to avoid.

Other Programs: Most College Planning sites focus on College: Which one to select, how to obtain the best price, and how to get accepted. This myopic approach to College Planning left millions with depleted savings and record debt levels.

That’s why the LFE Institute, a leader in Financial Wellness Education for more than 25 years, created the first scalable College Planning Educational System: the CAP System™, which includes the ‘College 58’ … 58 essential questions every family needs to answer prior to spending a dime on college!


The CAP System: While CAP links to many of the same tools, its primary objective is to provide the Missing Education: The latest college traps to avoid, essential questions to ask, ‘insider secrets’ colleges don’t want them to know, how colleges are setting students up to fail, alternatives to consider, how to graduate quicker, and strategies to obtain a great job offer upon graduation … all in a simple 5-Step System! There’s nothing like it anywhere!

See (PDF) Case Studies and Testimonials.

LFE does not sell directly to consumers, but has created unique, low-cost opportunities for our business and financial Partners to make this life-changing Educational System available to millions of families in communities throughout the U.S.

We Can Help!

LFE not only provides the 1st scalable College Planning System for the masses, but we also assist our Partners with:

  • Customized & branded Marketing Tools
  • Hosting Marketing Webinars for Clients
  • Hosting Educational Webinars for Employees
  • Creating P/R Articles to Help Increase Exposure
  • Accomplishing Their Goals for 2021-2022