Referral Directory Plus Our New Recorded Webinar Sponsorship

Showcasing the Experts

Creating New Opportunities for Financial Professionals


We’ve connected with some amazing financial professionals over the past year as we’ve launched our new post-COVID digital e-Learning CAP SystemTM as well as over two decades in the Financial Wellness field.

As an education-only firm specializing in College Planning Education, we often receive requests from CAP clients and workshop participants for referrals to those who provide one-on-one financial services that can help our primary clients: Those ages 35 – 65 who have a college-bound student in their lives.

This is why we’re launching two new tools to help both our clients and Financial professionals who want to increase visibility and/or attract more clients.

Option #1: Our Referral Directory

This Directory will be available upon request our from:

  • CAP System Subscribers
  • ‘8 College Traps’ Webinar attendees at our most popular workshop over the past decade
  • ‘College 10’ On-demand Series: These 10-minute (or less) videos cover up-to-the-minute trends, scams, strategies, new resources, etc., and many will drive users to our Referral Directory. Coming November 2021. 
  • New: ‘Expert Webinar Series’: This series will showcase our experts as we address a wide variety of current topics and resources available to help families combine a holistic approach to college with other decisions that are affecting their financial lives. The links to these Webinars will also be listed in the Referral Directory.

Note: The Directory will not be available to our Partners’ clients and their private Webinar participants if they are already providing the financial services these clients seek.

This Webinar was excellent! We learned so much in such a short period of time - Paul J, Chicago, IL
This Webinar was excellent! We learned so much in such a short period of time – Paul J, Chicago, IL
Directory Categories

As word about this new Directory has spread, the list of categories within it has grown. Be sure to let us know if you’d like to include other services that students, their parents, and other family members may be seeking. Here are some of the services categories that will be available based on the individuals and firms who participate:

  • Advisory
  • College Planning
  • College Funding
  • College Admissions
  • Career Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Small Business Benefits
  • CPA
  • Business Owner Consulting
  • Tax & Tax Planning
  • College Planning Tools
  • Insurance
  • Investments
  • College Savings
  • Business Valuation

BONUS BENEFITS: During our national roll-out of these two Options, those who participate will capitalize on these benefits: 

  1. Low Pre-Release Pricing: See Agreement)
  2. Priority Listing:Listings will appear in the order under each category the listing was submitted
  3. Free months: 12-Month Listing extends through 12.31.2022
  4. HOLIDAY BONUS: CAP System Subscriptions. Ask for details on how to use them to generate revenue or attract new business this Holiday Season!

That’s it. Showcase your expertise and increase visibility to hundreds – if not thousands – of parents and grandparents of college-bound students throughout 2022 with these special new programs.

Only 1 week left to take advantage of Pre-Release Pricing!

(Ends November 15)

Option #2: Webinar Sponsorship

Financial experts now have an opportunity to sponsor and/or co-present 10-minute recorded Webinars. Sponsors can select among our existing popular courses, or we can create a customized course. These classes will be marketed by LFE through our Social Media Platforms, listed in our Referral Directory, and available for our Sponsors to post on their Website, use on Social Media, etc.

Sponsors can use this as a stand-alone marketing solution, or combine it with their Listing in the Referral Directory.

Plus, we’re also helping financial pros to turn 15 minutes into a lucrative Holiday Campaign!

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