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Professional Directory Additional Support You Can Trust

Coming in June

With the staggering cost of college today, it’s difficult to develop any long-term financial plan without integrating key college decisions with other goals and objectives.

The role of the Institute is to provide the essential education parents and grandparents need prior to making life-changing college decisions, but we know you’ll probably need specific, personalize advice and/or coaching services. That’s why – based on the many requests we’ve received – we’re compiling a Directory of Financial Professionals our Members can access.

Yes, you can always do a Google search for financial professionals … but we wanted our members to know that those listed in the Directory provide specific services you may need as you make one of your biggest financial decisions: College!

These experienced professionals offer a wide variety of services, including: Investment & Retirement Planning, College Admissions, College Planning, Testing & Career Coaching, Tax Advice, FAFSA and Financial Aid support, and more.

LFE receives no revenue or referral fees when Members use their services. The Directory is simply one more benefit for Institute Members.

Pro Directory