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Employee Financial Wellness

Connect. Leverage. Profits.

College is one of the biggest financial decisions many employees will ever make – for themselves, their kids, or their grandkids – yet many do so without access to critical information needed to avoid costly mistakes. Our interactive multi-media College Resources – all utilizing best-in-class LMS Technology – have been the MISSING component in Financial Wellness programs … until now.

75% of parents state ‘college’ prevents them from saving for retirement
2023 Fidelity Study
Employee Wellness Program

Lack of Education Affects
Employers’ Bottom Line


Employee concerns about college are affecting employers in multiple ways:

  • Lost Time: Students & parents average 75 – 100 hours researching ‘College’ (much of it on the job), which has led to higher Presenteeism costs
  • Healthcare: Anxieties about how to pay for escalating college costs lead to higher stress-related Healthcare costs (Multiple studies found a direct link between financial worries and depression, heart disease, anxiety, and substance abuse)
  • Turnover: Employees seek better educational solutions, help with financial challenges, and/or more money, which contribute to the ‘Great Resignation’
  • Retirement Accounts: Higher college costs & unexpected fees (increasing 40% in the past 4 years) have forced more employees to delay saving or withdraw funds from their Retirement Accounts to pay for college
83% of HR leaders worry that employees’ financial issues could impact productivity
2023 Morgan Stanley Workplace Study
90% of employers believe that Financial Wellness benefits are more important than ever, and 85% believe it will help them attract and recruit top talent
2023 Financial Planning Study

LMS Solutions Strengthen Employers’ Bottom Line

LFE’s digital multi-generational College Resources – with our new College Video Library & Resource Guides – are now all available on the latest interactive LMS Training Platform. Employees and their families can access this unbiased education 24/7. And because these unique tools were designed to help employees save both time and thousands of dollars, they’ll help your clients achieve financial stability and success, leading to long-term partnerships and business growth.


Helping employees save thousands on college is like giving them a RAISE … Without adding a DIME to the PAYROLL!