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New 'Unlimited' Option Financial Wellness Education

One-time Low Fee for All Your Employees

Unique Financial Wellness College Planning Education

College is one of the biggest financial decisions employees will ever make for themselves, their kids, or their grandkids yet many do so without access to critical information needed to avoid costly mistakes. LFE’s unique new on-demand College Video Library was designed to provide this much-needed education: The MISSING component in Financial Wellness programs today.

Helping employees learn how to save thousands on college and avoid costly mistakes is like:

Giving Your Employees a Raise…
Without Adding a Dime to the Payroll!

As part of our National Launch, we’re offering an UNLIMITED number of Video Subscriptions to YOUR EMPLOYEES from now through December 31, 2023 for one low Subscription Fee! This information-packed Library will not only help you attract and retain the best employees, but also reduce these college-related expenses:

  • Retirement Plan withdrawals & loans
  • Employees fail to save for retirement when they spend thousands more than needed on college
  • Stress-related healthcare costs due to worries about college
  • The high cost of Presenteeism (researching college takes dozens of hours)
  • Future student loan liens & garnishments when employees borrow too much
  • Workplace distractions and/or accidents
  • Time: Addressing employees’ college questions & problems, requests for personal loans, etc.



College was supposed to close the wealth gap for Black Americans…
Unfortunately, the opposite happened!

The Wall Street Journal

Your One-time Fee: Limited Time Only


Every employee will have access to this up-to-the-minute information – with new videos added monthly – through 12.31.2023!

Contact LFE at if you’d rather pay by invoice. You can CANCEL AT ANY TIME and continue to access an unlimited number of Subscriptions through December 31, 2023!
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