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FAQs Frequently Asked Questions

The following are questions we often receive about LFE’s unique new Marketing System for Advisors, CPAs, and Planners. Click on the white box below the question to view the answer.

Why is the '3-Step Plan for College & Retirement' called a Marketing System?

Why are Advisors eager to work with parents of college-bound students?

There is a lot of College Planning information already available online. What makes the '3-Step Plan for College & Retirement' unique?

Is there a limit on how many clients can use the College Planning tools, and can I offer these tools to employers?

What’s the cost & how much can I charge for the 3-Step Plan?

I’m not a College Planning expert, so why would I want to offer this solution for clients?

How will this Marketing System help build M&A value?

What makes this SCORM-LMS System so unique?

I just want to offer a value-added benefit to a small group of clients. What are my options?

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