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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

These are the questions we often receive about LFE’s Marketing System for Advisors, CPAs, and Planners.

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  • It’s an innovative Marketing System developed by a Team of Advisors & CPAs to help you connect with parents and grandparents of college-bound students. These tools are designed to facilitate building lasting relationships as you integrate college costs into their retirement and other long-term goals.

    Plus, during our National Launch, you will have access to an UNLIMITED number of subscriptions through December 31, 2024. 

    You’ll also receive a Branded Landing page, sample emails to send to prospects, posts for Social Media throughout the year, and featured quotes in LFE articles … all created to help you connect, leverage, and increase your profits.

  • Most Advisors today want to capitalize on the $84 trillion Great Wealth Transfer’ to be given to Millennials and Gen Xers, many of whom are – or will be – parents of future college-bound students. Building relationships prior to a wealth transfer is essential, so we created a System to attract this market with timely solutions during this critical life event – college for their kids or grandkids. This helps to establish your role as a trusted Advisor when future wealth is transferred.
  • The overabundance of information is part of the problem since much of it is overwhelming, misleading, or even deceptive. The U.S. GAO recently reported that 91% of schools misrepresent costs, fees, and Financial Aid.

    LFE’s 3-Step Plan, including our new ‘Brighter U’ digital tools,  focus on specific content that is missing today: Traps to avoid, alternatives to consider, ‘insider’ information colleges don’t want families to know, strategies to save thousands, and more. It also raises critical ‘What If’ questions every parent should discuss with an Advisor prior to making college decisions today.

  • There is NO limit on the number of clients who can use these tools. The powerful SCORM-LMS technology helps leverage your time (and revenue) by providing this valuable education to dozens, hundreds – or even thousands – of individuals, employers, high schools, government employees, churches, etc.

  • The Cost: To make our Unlimited Subscriptions to the College Planning tools affordable for everyone, we base pricing solely on the size of your firm. Be sure to ask about special Bonus Features included during our National Launch.

    What You Can Charge: You are free to set your own pricing … and retain 100% of the revenue! While fees will depend somewhat on your target market, geographic area, and your goals, average fees range from $495 – $995/client.

    Contact LFE for creative pricing suggestions for employers and other large groups. We’ll cover pricing strategies to maximize profits during our initial Strategic Planning session for new Subscribers.

  • One of the popular features of this System is that you don’t have to be a college expert. Clients access essential content and resources to create a big-picture College Plan – which takes NONE of your time – and then all those you connect with through this System are encouraged to seek your help to do what you do best: Provide the advice they need to integrate the cost of college into a sustainable long-term Financial Plan.
  • That’s easy. The value of a financial firm is often based on two primary factors: The number of clients & revenue (or more importantly, profits). The Unlimited Subscription allows you to reach the masses – more clients – without taking any of your time … so the revenue falls directly to the bottom line (higher profitability). Both of these benefits will be very attractive to a potential buyer or partner.
  • The interactive LMS technology is now the standard for digital training. It’s ideal for Advisors since it quickly helps clients make more informed college decisions … and takes none of your time! Utilizing this innovative technology, LFE created the first self-directed 5-Step College Plan to guide students through the process of building their own personalized College Plan. The 12-Point Guide connects parents to Advisors for guidance on how to best allocate their resources to ensure long-term financial security. Plus, a Bonus Feature is LFE’s new ‘Brighter U’ digital tools to add even more value for every client!
  • You may want to consider the low Introductory Unlimited Subscription to LFE’s new ‘Brighter U’ digital tools (without the ‘College Plan’ for students and parents on the LMS platform). This is a great way to offer value to clients and prospects without a significant investment.

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