'College 10' Video Library Your Free Access

Rather than the brighter financial future most parents anticipated, college has left many disenchanted with their student’s college experience, the value of their education, depleted retirement accounts, and generations buried in debt.

LFE’s new ‘College 10’ On-demand Video Library – part of our highly-acclaimed CAP SystemTM includes a growing number of 10-minute (or less) videos to help both students and parents make more informed decisions, avoid costly mistakes, and learn up-to-the-minute strategies to maximize every dollar invested in college.

This new service is generally only available to our CAP Subscribers, so we hope you enjoy this free access to four ‘Parent’ videos in this growing Library helpful!

For full access to CAP – the 1st Multi-Media College Planning Educational System – and a significant discount during January, Financial Wellness Month, go here.