The LFE Institute has been a leader in developing unbiased Financial Wellness Education for more than two decades. After hearing thousands of horror stories from parents and grandparents of college students burdened with too much college debt after making costly college mistakes, we sold our ‘generic’ educational solutions to focus exclusively on providing the missing component in Financial Wellness today: The 1st scalable College Planning System.

The CAP SystemTM guides students and parents through the complex Post-COVID planning process. As many stated throughout our 9 months of field testing, it gives families the Rules of the costly ‘Game of College.’ This is essential education millions of families have needed prior to utilizing data-driven financial aid comparison programs, or completing FAFSA applications.


LFE’s CEO, Alice Whinnery – a former CPA with PwC, publisher of the highly-acclaimed Money Minute! Series for more than 9 years, and a national speaker at Employee Benefit and CPA conferences – collaborated with a national Team of Academic and Financial Advisors to create the first unbiased educational tools to help every student build a personal ‘College Action Plan’ with the knowledge that every decision has a cost … and those costs could affect their financial lives for decades.

While there are numerous ‘College’ sites on the Internet, there’s also a lot of misinformation, confusing data, and false marketing. No other solution offers a clear step-by-step, turn-key Plan to help students save thousands on college, graduate quicker, be better prepared for the job market, and minimize future student loan debt for students, as well as protect the savings and retirement security of those who support them.

LFE now works with Affiliate Partners to make its unique, scalable College Planning tools available to employers, colleges, churches, banks, credit unions, high schools, and individual college-bound families in communities throughout the U.S.

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Certification Training

LFE also provides Certification Training for Instructors and Affiliates who want to teach LFE’s new Post-COVID Webinar: ’10 College Traps to Avoid in 2021.’ See this link to learn more. Contact LFE to enroll in the next Certification Training class.

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