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LFE’s new CAP SystemTM is the 1st cloud-based educational solution that guides students, and those who may be supporting them, through the complex maze of post-COVID College Planning. This simple 5-Step System zeros in on costly mistakes to avoid, key questions millions never ask, ‘insider secrets’ many college won’t reveal, and provides instant access to dozens of valuable resources to help families save thousands on college. As we often hear, it’s the Rules of the costly ‘Game of College’ for those who want to ensure that every dollar spent on college is invested wisely.

The CAP System Guides Students through:

  • Their Top Priority: A great job offer upon graduation! 
  • Pitfalls that add thousands to college costs
  • COVID-19: Changes every student needs to know!
  • ‘Big Red Flags’ for parents
  • How to avoid walking away from free money
  • Specific steps that make college selection so easy
  • Questions most students – and parents – never ask
  • How colleges set students up to fail
  • Hidden money-saving ‘secrets’ colleges won’t tell you
  • Fool-proof techniques to select the best career path
  • Traps to avoid when selecting the right school
  • Proven strategies to graduate quicker
  • Instant access to 60+ sites to help make smarter academic decisions
  • How to prevent overwhelming student loan debt
  • ROI – Mistakes students make in their calculations
  • Strategies guaranteed to increase graduation rates
  • Traps many private lenders never reveal
  • Costly mistakes grads make in preparing for the job market

Mastering these strategies will change your financial life forever!


College Planning Education at Your Fingertips

Sign up today and you’ll have 24/7 access to the CAP SystemTM Educational System for one year, including:

  • Engaging Videos to step you through the process
  • A step-by-step Resource Guide
  • Instant access to over 60 invaluable sites: Saves hundreds of hours of research!
  • Continuous updates throughout the year
  • Ability to create your own personal College Action Plan
  • NEW: Live Webinars throughout the year

Total Annual Subscription Fee: $395*

* This special pricing (normally $495) is valid during April, Financial Literacy Month

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