COVID-19 Has Changed College Planning Forever!

The Coronavirus has millions of Americans rethinking their college decisions … and never before have the ‘Finances’ of College Planning been so important.
Failing to minimize skyrocketing college costs, re-evaluate previous goals, control future debt levels, and be better prepared for the today’s dynamic job market could negatively impact the financial lives of generations for decades to come.
LFE’s new online College Planning tools – a collaboration with leading academic and financial advisors nationally – were developed to prevent these massive problems for college-bound families.
Every decision has a cost, so LFE created the first online College Planning resources that focus exclusively on the critical decisions impacting the ‘Finances’ of college.
Students and Parents: As we move into the Post-COVID era, if you want to save thousands on college … graduate quicker … borrow less … and be better prepared for the job market, don’t spend a dime – or sign for a student loan – until you complete your personal College Action Plan.

Your financial future depends on it!

Post-COVID 'College Planning' Workshop

New Webinar taught by CPAs, Advisors, College Coaches,

New Webinar taught by CPAs, Advisors, College Coaches, & other Affiliates

Our Mission

To help millions of families master essential College Planning skills that will impact their financial lives for decades!

The Solution

A step-by-step College Action Plan, designed to simplify the complex maze of college decisions to ensure that every dollar spent on college is invested wisely.

The Outcomes

COVID-19 has changed College Plnning forever! These tools help families learn how to dramatically cut college costs, borrow less, be better prepared for the ‘new’ job market, and avoid costly college mistakes.