Help Students Avoid College Traps

Millions of high school students make critical decisions about college every year. However, misinformation, false assumptions, and lack of planning have turned their dream of a brighter financial future into a nightmare. Too many incur monumental debt and are unprepared for today’s job market. They’re playing what many experts refer to the costly ‘Game of College’ without access to the latest Rules.

That’s why the LFE Institute, an unbiased Financial Literacy firm for more than two decades, worked with a Team of Academic and Financial Advisors nationally to create the 1st digital College Planning Educational System for students and their parents. Learning the latest Rules will help students and parents avoid costly mistakes that could negatively affect their financial lives for decades!

college: the real story

College is the goal for a high percentage of students today, yet too many enter the process without a specific Plan, fail to ask the right questions, rely on biased Internet sources, or simply consider FAFSA their ‘College Plan.’ As recent statistics illustrate, using these strategies alone have failed to prevent these devastating trends:

  • Students are training for jobs that no longer exist – NBC News
  • 60% of high school students have no access to College Planning – Dept of Education
  • Students with no College Plan spend up to 3.5 times more for college – Sallie Mae
  • 75% of students switch majors, adding thousands to the cost of college – Forbes
  • Pre-COVID grads have the highest unemployment rate since 1990 – Federal Reserve
  • 41% of college grads work in jobs that don’t require a degree – Federal Reserve
  • 500,000 students lost time and hard-earned credits from schools that closed over the past 5 years – AACRAO
  • 4.6 million students walk away from free money every year – Forbes
  • 64% of students run out of money every semester – Edvisors

What Makes the CAP System Unique?

CAP (College Action Plan) is the first digital 5-Step Educational System that focuses exclusively on the latest post-COVID college traps and pitfalls to avoid. It quickly shows students how easy it is to save thousands on college, graduate quicker, avoid costly mistakes, evaluate the latest low-cost alternatives, and be the grad employers want to hire … while protecting the financial security of the parents and grandparents who support them.

They’ll learn ‘insider secrets’ most colleges never share, dozens of questions too many families fail to ask,  and have instant access to the answers that are often difficult to find. See actual CAP Case Studies and Testimonials to learn how families are now saving thousands on college using the CAP System.

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change the financial lives of your students

There is no program like the CAP SystemTM anywhere! It not only provides essential resources and guides for your teachers and academic advisors, but can change the financial lives of every student and their families. Contact us today to learn more. 

The LFE Team