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Why CAP Works Learn about the CAP System™

The CAP SystemTM is the 1st digital College Planning Educational System that guides college-bound families through the complex Post-COVID planning process. As many stated throughout our 9 months of field testing, it gives families the Rules of the costly ‘Game of College.’ This is essential education families need prior to comparing financial aid offers or completing FAFSA applications.

“This should be a requirement for any college-bound student.
I can’t believe these steps are not taught in high schools.”

–L Chen, Orlando, FL

While there are numerous ‘College’ sites on the Internet, there is also a lot of misinformation, confusing data, and false marketing. No other solution offers a clear step-by-step, turn-key Plan that provides exciting new alternatives to consider, critical questions every student needs to ask, … and instant access to specific hard-to-find resources to ensure that every dollar spent on college is invested wisely.  

MyCAP – Why CAP Works

The CAP Outcomes:

#1: Specific College Action Plan to help students save thousands, graduate quicker, and be better prepared for an amazing job offer upon graduation!
#2: 12-Point Guide for Parents to parents avoid costly mistakes, maximize every dollar invested in college, learn how to take the emotions out of college decisions, master skills to set limits on college spending, minimize future liability exposure, and protect their retirement security.
MyCAP – Why CAP Works