The Most Valuable Fundraiser
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What if your PTA could raise substantial funds – year after year – while giving students & parents a lifetime of value?
What if that value is dozens of hours saved & 10X – 100X return in real money?
Millions of students & families are being introduced to this unique System through expensive College Planners & Financial Wellness providers.

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A Fundraiser that Changes Lives!

After hearing thousands of college-related horror stories, our expert Team created the 1st College Planning Educational System that includes  ‘College 58‘: 58 essential questions millions of families fail to ask. The System focuses on the latest college traps. This unbiased e-Learning System is inexpensive, digital, and self-paced.

There’s nothing like it anywhere!

These tools are designed to help Students save thousands on college, graduate quicker, and be better prepared for the job market … while helping Parents avoid costly mistakes, minimize future debt, and protect their retirement savings. 

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Click to download the PDF

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