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Our Gift to You! Avoid Costly Mistakes with this College Planning System!

At the Creative Financial Group, we’re committed to helping families achieve financial success through education and planning. That’s why we’re offering the LFE Institute’s unique new Multi-Media College Planning Educational System to college-bound families everywhere. LFE has been a leader in unbiased Financial Wellness Education for nearly 3 decades.

The CAP System, including the ‘College 58‘ for students, the ‘12-Point Guide’ for Parents, and the new ‘College 10’ On-demand Video Library, was designed to educate students and parents on the latest post-COVID college traps to avoid, guide them through critical questions millions fail to ask, provide insider secrets many never hear, and give them access to invaluable resources they won’t find on other sites.

These tools are not intended to be an everything-you-ever-wanted-to-know about College Planning … but to keep families from making the ‘big picture’ costly mistakes that could negatively affect their financial lives for decades.

As part of Creative Financial Group’s commitment to help college-bound families, you will also receive one hour of free consultation as part of your college planning process. Contact us today at:

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This special gift gives you access to the 5-Step CAP SystemTM for one year, which includes.
  • The ‘College 58’ for students: 58 essential questions every student needs to know
  • The ‘12-Point Guide’ for Parents: A critical tool to help parents avoid costly mistakes
  • Engaging Videos to guide you through each step of the 5-Step process
  • Bonus: The new and rapidly expanding ‘College 10‘ on-demand Video Library that will cover Hot Topics every student & parent needs to know!
  • Instant access to dozens of invaluable sites
  • CAP helps you save hundreds of hours of research!
  • You’ll have access to new updates, the latest scams, and creative new resources throughout the year
  • Ability for students to create their own personal College Action Plan

Use Code ‘NC100’ for FREE Access to The CAP System

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