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'I just added a new client from the '13 Questions' Video. It's a perfect lead-in to the services I provide' – C Jones, LA, CA
‘I just added a new client from the ’13 Questions’ Video. It’s a perfect lead-in to the services I provide’ – C Jones, LA, CA

College is one of the biggest financial decisions many parents and grandparents of college-bound students will ever make, yet too many do so without a plan, unaware of essential questions to ask, and so overwhelmed with the process that they miss key steps along the way … which will affect their financial security for decades. (See the latest statistics and studies below.)

LFE created our unique College Video Library, our newCollege MistakesWebinar, and the 5-Step CAP System, to educate college-bound families … but also to connect them to our business and financial Partners nationally.

Contact us to learn how we’re helping partners accomplish their goals for 2022 and beyond through these unbiased digital tools.

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Families are Struggling Now:

The Latest Trends

College is a Hot News Topic because it affects roughly 17 million families every year. Here are just a few of the recent articles. Many highlight the problems YOU can PREVENT by offering LFE’s College Planning Educational Tools to the masses.