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This Is Where Clients Enroll In The Plan


You Set Your Pricing
Average: $295 – $495 (or higher)

This is where your personal message will go, along with your pricing and Stripe (or other) payment link to make a seamless process for clients and prospects to enroll in your 3-Step Plan for College & Retirement.

You’ll set your own pricing and retain 100% of the revenue. Average pricing in all but the largest markets is $295 – $495/family.

Based on your requests, LFE will insert ‘Call to Action‘ buttons or digital codes (to Register, to contact you, to book an appointment, etc.) throughout your Landing pages … which makes it easy for clients to enroll … and helps generate more revenue and meetings for you!

Your Package Includes
50 Client Codes

The ultimate objective for the 3-Step Plan for College & Retirement is to help clients prepare for and then motivate them for Step 3: A One-on-one Retirement Planning Session where you can assist them in determining how much they can realistically afford to spend on college, and offer other suggestions for a stronger Plan for Retirement.  

Easy … Turn-key
Steps 1 & 2 Take None of Your Time

Simply Give Clients & Prospects a Link!

This Plan is so easy. All you do is give clients a link to promote your customized Landing pages for the 3-Step Plan.

LFE provides 50 Client Codes for the all-inclusive tools used for Steps 1 & 2: The ‘College Plan,’ the ’12-Point Guide for Parents’, the ‘College Video Library, & the Resource Guides … all on your branded LMS Training Platform.

Clients complete these Steps on their own, so it takes NONE of your time! You’ll also receive links to your customized Landing pages with an easy Stripe checkout for clients – again, this takes none of your time. Note: We can also match images and colors to your Website and market.

 The Next Steps to Subscribe to the
‘3-Step Plan for College & Retirement’

Now is the time to promote this simple 3-Step Plan to prospects and clients as they actively begin to make future college plans over the summer. Simply click on the image below for a 50-Code Subscription. Contact us at if you have any questions or would like pricing on larger Subscriptions.

Once you complete the order, return to this page to enter the contact information, logo, image, etc. you’d like on your Landing Pages. We’ll also want to schedule a Strategic Planning session to finalize pricing and marketing strategies.

Advisors: Subscribe Here

Request pricing for larger quantities or Networks