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A Brighter Future:
Parents & Grandparents

Educational Videos, Essential Questions, & Valuable Resources

These Brighter U tools for parents include the latest money-saving strategies, valuable resources, essential decisions to consider. You’ll also learn key questions to discuss with your student and an Advisor. The objectives of these unbiased resources are to protect your finances and provide a Roadmap to guide students through critical decisions to ensure a brighter financial future after college.

“1.7 Million families missed out on $3.7 Billion in free college money last year.”
– National College Attainment Network

Continually Updated throughout the Year

This initial video covers the latest college challenges families are experiencing today, and how the Brighter U tools and resources will help prevent them.

New: Key financial questions to discus & prioritize with an Advisor as parents explore ways to integrate the high cost of college into their long-term goals..

This one simple strategy has helped thousands of families dramatically cut the cost of college … and it’s so easy!

A simple step to take prior to spending a dime on college. As others have shared, failing to do so could affect your financial life for decades.

This Video highlights 6 essential decisions every parent should consider prior to supporting their student’s future academic life.

Each of these decisions will help avoid any costly college mistakes, and protect your clients’ retirement resources.

Brighter U Guides for Parents

“50 & Older: The 2nd fastest growing age group for student loan debt”
– 2023 Department of Education