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Helping Partners Connect, Add Value & Change Lives

The LFE Institute, a leader in developing unbiased Workplace Financial Wellness Education for over two decades, is committed to helping our Financial Partners engage, educate, and transform lives … whether it’s for dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of parents and grandparents of college-bound students. 

BrighterU’s one-of-a-kind solution minimizes financial regrets, safeguards their retirement funds, and equips them with winning strategies to seamlessly navigate the costly realm of higher education. They’re then better prepared to work with Advisors and Plan Providers to build a brighter financial future.



Dive into the world of endless marketing possibilities with our tailored services designed to leverage your time & boost your business!

  • Customized & Branded Landing Page
    See a sample Partner’s Customized Landing Page (Desktop version)
  • Customized & Branded Quiz, a powerful Marketing Tool: See Sample 2024 College Challenge
  • Branded Marketing Video
  • Turn-key client Membership process
  • Weekly Social Media Images & Content
  • Weekly Email Images & Content
  • Flexible pricing for clients – You retain all the revenue
  • NEW: Revenue-sharing Plan with NO UP-Front Fee (for qualified Partners)
  • And more!

At LFE, we’re dedicated to helping you achieve financial success with our innovative new BrighterU Marketing Platform. Don’t miss out on this exclusive opportunity to elevate your business to new heights. Take advantage of our flexible pricing and let’s work together towards a brighter tomorrow for you and your clients.

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