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PEOs & Benefit Providers

College Planning: A Benefit that Saves Employees Thousands


College is one of the biggest financial decisions many employees will ever make (for themselves or the student in their life), yet too many do so without a plan, unaware of the right questions to ask, and uninformed on the latest traps to avoid. Now, there’s a simple, scalable solution for employees everywhere: LFE’s 5-Step CAP System. There’s nothing like it anywhere!

Offering this state-of-the-art Financial Wellness benefit will increase your profit margins, positively impact your clients’ bottom line, and save employees thousands on college! See (PDF) Case Studies and Testimonials.

Stand Out in your market!

This one-of-a-kind digital Financial Wellness solution helps employees save thousands on college … but also becomes an additional low-cost Marketing Tool for you! Here are just a few of the benefits:

  • Competitive edge: Offering this unique solution will help you stand out among your competitors.
  • New Marketing Tool: Use it to attract new clients … be sure to ask how we can help!
  • High profit margins: During our initial launch year (2021), we’re offering multiple options to fit any pricing structure.
  • Help your clients’ bottom line: Avoiding the costly college mistakes directly impacts your clients’ bottom line as noted here.
  • Change employees’ lives: Helping employees save thousands on college will impact their lives for decades! See (PDF) Case Studies and Testimonials.

Open Enrollment: An Ideal time to Attract New Clients

Fall is the perfect time to announce this innovative new College Planning Employee Benefit as employees struggle to meet upcoming college deadlines. Open Enrollment is also the time when employers are looking for unique, affordable benefits to attract and retain the best employees … and now there’s a solution that will positively impact their employees, while improving their bottom line!