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College Planning Education Unbiased Education for the Masses!

‘Must-Have’ Education Prior for Students & Parents

No other on-demand resource helps students and parents learn essential skills to:

  • Minimize future debt!
  • Avoid the latest college traps
  • Graduate quicker
  • Prevent costly mistakes millions are making
  • Identify ‘Insider Secrets’ colleges don’t want you to know
  • Avoid the massive ‘College Disconnect’ between Grads & employers
  • Determine how college will affect your long-term financial security
  • Utilize money-saving links & resources not found in most college sites
  • Work the ‘Numbers’ – Determine if college makes economic sense (ROI)
  • Avoid the ‘Great College Drop-out’
  • Turn higher education into a great job offer
  • Explore exciting new low-cost alternatives to the traditional ‘College’ track
  • Identify activities that are more important to employers than your school 
  • Capitalize on up-to-the-minute trends: Test Optional Schools, STEM, the job market, and more!
  • Make more informed student loan decisions
  • Save thousands to ensure future Financial Independence!
“More than 50% of grads from 33% of colleges earn LESS than high school graduates.”
– 2022 Georgetown University Study
“We plan to use this with our younger daughter. Wish we’d know about it with her sister since it could have saved thousands.” – Adrian R, Houston, TX
“After 10 years, Parent PLUS borrowers owe 55% of their initial balance … & after 20 years, they still owe a whopping 38%!”
– 2022 Century Foundation Report


“So glad we had these tools before
completing FAFSA. They helped so much.”

– Luke Williams, Dallas, TX

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