The 'College 10' Our New 'Sponsored By' On-demand Videos for College-bound Families

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Sponsor Your Video Today!
Sponsor Your Video Today!

The LFE Institute has been designing live and on-demand Financial Wellness education for over two decades. Our new Series – The ‘College 10’ – is a series of the latest 10-Minute on-demand videos on timely topics requested by students and parents.

These fast-paced videos, sponsored by Financial Professionals, will be available to every CAP SystemTM Subscriber, as well as through our Social Media Platforms, press releases, and on a weekly rotation on the Home page of our Website. Sponsors will also be able to post them on their Websites, send to clients and prospects, and post on Social Media.

While some of the topics are directed specifically toward students, our primary markets are those ages 35 – 65 who have a college-bound student in their lives.

Increase Visibility – Attract New Clients

Each short information-packed video will be sponsored by a Financial Professional, which makes it an ideal strategy for Sponsors to increase market visibility and attract new business.

SELECT YOUR TOPIC: Sponsors will have an opportunity to select their preferred topic from those listed below (if available), or contact LFE and we can match you to the best topic for you and your firm. Or, let us know if there’s a specific topic that will showcase your expertise.

YOUR INVOLVEMENT: Sponsors can elect to merely be mentioned – along with their contact information – at the beginning and end of the video, or be actively involved the content and delivery.

Be the First – Select Your Topic

Here are just a few of the Hot Topics clients have already requested, but the final titles and titles may be altered based on suggestions and the expertise of our Sponsors.

  • College Selection: Don’t Make These Costly Mistakes
  • No Money for College? Use These Strategies!
  • 4 College Roadblocks & How to Overcome Them
  • How to Obtain a College Degree with No Debt!
  • Parents: Answer this Simple Quiz Before Spending a Dime on College
  • STEM: Don’t Fall for These Traps
  • New College Resources that Will Save You Time & Money
  • Alternatives to College: Exciting New Strategies Every Student Should Consider
  • Avoid this College Mistake Millions are Making
  • Students & Parents Beware: The Latest College Scams
  • FAFSA Myths: What Every Parent Needs to Know
  • Tax Strategies Every Parent Needs to Know
  • Students & Parents: How to Minimize Future Debt
  • College Savings Plans: Which One is Right for You?
  • A Guide to Working with College Planners
  • Students: 5 Effective Strategies to Be Better Prepared for the Job Market
  • 5 Key College Questions to Ask Your Advisor
  • 4 Effective Strategies to Balance College & Retirement
  • Why Millions of Students Run Out of Money Every Semester
  • One College Money-Saving Technique Every Parent Should Use!
  • Students: What If You Don’t Know What Career is Right for You?
  • Parents: The Biggest College Regret … And How to Avoid It
  • Beyond the Basics: 5 Key College Questions to Ask
  • Beyond the Basics: 5 Key Career Questions to Ask
  • Beyond the Basics: 5 Key Financial Questions Every Student Should Ask
  • Beyond the Basics: 5 Key Financial Questions Every Parent Should Ask