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Step #1 The Goal: Your Career

Step #1 – Career Planning

This video is all about setting a goal for your academic life based on what you want to do when you graduate. The more you plan – and ask the right questions – the more you’ll save, the faster you’ll graduate, the less student loan debt you’ll owe, and the greater your chances of receiving a great job offer upon graduation.

My CAP Resource Guide

Once you have completed your College Action Plan for Step 1, click on the button to go to Step 2.
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My ‘College Action Plan’

Now it’s time to begin creating your own personal College Action Plan. Be sure to save it before moving on to the next step.

Answering these questions will help you develop a unique Plan for your academic life and your career. Creating a Plan prior to registering — and even throughout your college experience — will help you stay focused, save thousands of dollars by making smarter choices, graduate quicker, and be better prepared for a great job offer!

If parents or grandparents are helping with your support or co-signing on loans, discuss each of these points, along with your research, with them. With thousands of dollars at stake, it’s more important than ever before to show them your goal is to ensure that every dollar spent on higher education is invested wisely.

One Final Note: You’ll find a variety of helpful data-driven resources to help you create your own College Action Plan. Each can be valuable, but unfortunately, no one resource provides drop-down solutions for every question you’ll want to answer throughout CAP. This is why it’s important to review multiple resources when making your decisions.

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  • Which schools offer a degree program for my chosen career?