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Step #3 ROI: The Numbers

Step #3 – ROI

With recent financial setbacks due to COVID, and students concerned about incurring too much student loan debt, it’s important to invest every dollar for college wisely. So far, we’ve covered creating a plan for your career, and selecting the best school. In Step 3, we’ll look at your ‘Big Picture’ Return on Investment (for college) – or ROI. This is an important step thousands of students fail to take, yet is essential to determine whether the numbers — especially the debt incurred — make sense. We’ve looked at a school’s ROI … and that’s definitely an important step … but may not be relevant once you evaluate your own personal ROI. We will take a ‘Big Picture’ look at your ROI in this Step.

My CAP Resource Guide

Once you have completed your College Action Plan for Step 3, click on the button to go to Step 4.
Step #3 – ROI

My ‘College Action Plan’

Now it’s time to ‘work the numbers’ to determine if your Plan makes economic sense. Students who fail to take this Step often end up with overwhelming student loan debt that may be nearly impossible to repay.

Note: Remember, once you complete CAP and begin exploring Merit Scholarship options, you’ll identify more ways to save, so you may want to come back to Step 3 later in your College Planning process.

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