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Step #4 Slash Costs Even More

Step #4 – Slash Costs Even More

College is an exciting milestone in the lives of those who plan to attend. However, in today’s economy, a major concern is rising costs, what families can realistically afford, and what financial help may be available.

With retirement looming in the not-to-distant future for Americans, it’s just not prudent to incur substantial debt today to pay for college.

Utilizing any of these strategies can slash thousands off the cost of college. You will also find creative new alternatives to traditional higher education solutions, and resources to help pay for them. Exploring all the strategies in this Step is not only smart money management, it’s essential in today’s economy.

Step #4 – Slash Costs Even More

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Step #4 – Slash Costs Even More
Unless you want to spend more than you need to, explore these strategies to slash college costs even further. Not all will apply to your situation, but for those that do, it will be well worth your time to dig a little deeper into techniques that have helped thousands reduce college expenses.
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My ‘College Action Plan’ 

Evaluate these strategies to slash college costs even more!

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  • Which of the following money-saving strategies will you explore?

  • What are the other alternatives to incurring enormous debt for college during this Post-COVID environment?