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Step #5 Get Hired: A Great Job Offer Starts Now!

Step #5 – Get Hired: Be the Grad Every Employer Wants to Hire

The job market for new grads and others seeking employment after the shutdown continues to gain momentum, so that’s the good news. The bad news is that many job seekers fail to use effective strategies to make themselves more competitive, an oversight that could prevent a coveted job offer.

The best way to protect the time and money invested in your education is to begin immediately – even if you’re still in high school – to focus on your future career … and position yourself to be the grad every employer wants to hire.

My CAP Resource Guide


My ‘College Action Plan’

  • Throughout your academic career, take these simple steps to ensure you are the grad employers want to hire. Based on what you learned in Step 5, you may also want to re-evaluate your career objectives, the colleges you selected, etc. This is an ongoing process and won’t take a lot of time, but could be the difference between success and failure in the job market.
    You won’t need to complete all these questions right now, but it can also be beneficial to begin exploring the job market. Keep in mind that employment trends and prospecting strategies will continue to evolve and change, so periodically go back and review your decisions, make adjustments, and reassess your ability to receive that coveted job offer upon graduation.


    Which of these strategies will you explore to become more marketable once you graduate?

  • Most employers will use it when selecting the best candidates
  • It is a key factor they use today for new hires.
  • After reviewing the Steps in #1 above, here are some simple steps to take your Senior year.