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Students Helping Students Earn Extra Income while Helping Others

The LFE Institute is committed to 2 Goals:
Educating Families & Helping Students Earn More Money

That’s why we’ve created a unique opportunity for students to make money telling friends, family, and social media contacts about our new College Video Library & Resource Guides.

As an unbiased education firm for over 2 decades, we found this essential information was missing from college sites today … and failure to know the latest trends and traps has led to:

  • Students & parents paying thousands more than needed for college
  • Record drop-out rates
  • Too much debt
  • 60% failing to graduate in 4 years
  • 53% of grads failing to receive good job offers!
  • 68% of parents worried about how to pay for college
"As a STEM major, I had no idea about these traps. I feel much better prepared now. - Jacob Carson, Boston, MA
“As a STEM major, I had no idea about these traps. I feel much better prepared now. – Jacob Carson, Boston, MA

Now YOU can make a Difference
And Earn Extra Money!

We want to help you provide these must-have new educational tools to your friends, family, and social media contacts … and earn money for college, to help purchase a car, or just for extra spending money.

NO Gimmicks – NO Fees to You

You Set Your Own Pricing

And Keep 50% of the Profits!

LFE charges $89/family for an annual Subscription to these new College Tools. You are free to set your own pricing … and keep 50% of the profits (your sales price minus PayPal’s processing fee)!

Sample Income: If you charge $49/Subscription*

5 Subscriptions = $125
10 Subscriptions = $250
20 Subscriptions = $500

* Minus PayPal’s processing fee.

No Shipping Hassles
(Educational Tools are All digital)

Pay Friends for Referrals

Plus, earning 50% of the profits gives you enough to pay friends a Referral fee to help you promote these valuable educational tools to their families and friends. Just let us know, and we’ll set up an additional Code to help you track these leads. You could even charge each of them a flat fee ($100, $200, or more) to give them the ability to work with LFE directly (ask for details) so they can earn 50%.

Get Paid Every Friday!

Payment Options_clipped_rev_1

You select your payment method (Venmo, Zelle, PayPal, Cash App, etc.), and will be paid every Friday for all the sales made using your unique Discount Code. You’ll also be able to view your users directly from your Dashboard, so you can plan on the money you’ll receive each week.