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Resources for Students

e-Learning Tools for Students
Protects Parents’ Financial Resources

College Videos for Students

These engaging 4- to 6-minute Videos provide essential information students need to prevent college mistakes that cost parents thousands of dollars every year. Students quickly learn strategies to save thousands on college, graduate quicker, borrow less, and be better prepared for the job market.

40% of incoming Freshmen declared a major in one of the STEM fields, yet most are unaware the STEM drop-out rates is roughly 50%, which contributes to significant financial loss for parents every year
– Harvard Study, USC Study, & White House Report


Scholarships can save parents thousands, but too many students accept the wrong type of Scholarships … or fail to use the right strategies to obtain the best ones.

NEW: Colleges are setting many STEM students up to fail. This Video highlights the latest pitfalls that will affect millions of students majoring in one of the STEM fields this year.

NEW: Learning about today’s rapidly-changing job market will help you select the right school, the best major, new options to consider, & be better prepared for a great job offer once you graduate.

NEW: College may not be the best choice for everyone, so this Video explores new alternatives to consider … along with the potential traps related to each of them!

Most of the 1,800 Test Optional schools are failing to tell students about the pitfalls to avoid. This lack of transparency has cost both students & parents thousands this year!

If money for college is a problem, the good news is there are multiple strategies that can help. Students & parents shouldn’t give up on the idea of college before exploring them.

Too many of today’s long-term problems for former students (& parents) are due to failing to ask one or more of these critical questions prior to registration.

This Video helps students avoid the mistakes millions have made when selecting a school prior answering these essential questions. See the Resource Guide for details & links.

There are so many ways to cut college costs, but thousands of students fail to explore them every year. Don’t let this happen to your clients!

Coming in August: Knowing the right resources can save both time & money, but most families are unaware of them. This Video & Resource Guide make it easy to access these helpful tools.

This 2-part Video Series & content-rich Resource Guide will help clients navigate 14 simple strategies to save thousands on college. Using just one can make a huge difference.

NEW: Clients quickly learn how to avoid the costly mistake over 500,000 families made in recent years. It’s so easy to avoid, yet thousands more will make the same mistake this year!

Student Resource Guides

These valuable Guides include money-saving strategies, traps to avoid, questions to ask, & helpful links & resources.

8,400 Bachelor degrees have a negative ROI
– Foundation for Research on Equal Opportunity

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