New: Subscription Plan for Financial Professionals

Boost Profits Attract More Business!


New Monthly Subscription plan

Now, you can help clients ages 35 – 70 with a future college student in their lives save thousands and avoid costly college mistakes. LFE’s new Monthly Subscription Plan for the one-of-a-kind digital CAP SystemTM helps clients accomplish these goals … while helping you increase profits and attract more business!
So Easy … No One-on-one Required!

What makes LFE’s 5-Step CAP System so unique.

Your Monthly Subscription Plan includes:

  • 5 new CAP Subscriptions each month to provide a value-added benefit to existing clients, use as a marketing tool to attract new clients, or bundle with other services to boost profits!
  • Ability to carry over unused Subscriptions (i.e., Save them to increase profits during Tax Season, use during Financial Wellness Month, or as a benefit to offer small business clients, etc.)
  • Set your own fees & retain 100% of revenue
  • NO one-on-one time required – All digital, self-paced access for clients
  • Listing in our Referral Directory for greater visibility
  • Co-host ‘Friday Live’ Webinar (ask for details)
  • Customized CAP Landing Page
  • Special pricing & marketing support for larger clients: Employers, high schools, churches, etc.

Ideal for those offering:

Retirement Planning, College Planning,
College Funding, CPA or Tax Services,
Insurance Services, College Admissions Services,
Small Business Benefits, Estate Planning, etc.

Only $69/Month

No contracts: You can unsubscribe at any time.

Pre-Launch Monthly Subscription Plan

Includes listing in our new Referral Directory to increase exposure to new prospects

Includes listing in our new Referral Directory to increase exposure to new prospects