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New 5-Step 'College Plan' 1st LMS Interactive 'College Plan' 

There's Nothing Like It!


PLUS: A ’12-Point Guide’for Parents

But LFE didn’t stop with a Plan for students. The 12-Point Guide for parents was then added to help them avoid costly mistakes and protect their future financial security.

Parents and students now also have access to the new on-demand College Video Library. It’s a fast, easy way to learn the latest trends, traps, and costly college mistakes to avoid.

Up-to-the-Minute Education

This multi-media approach was designed to help college-bound families be more informed with up-to-the-minute education as they navigate today’s complex college planning decisions.

“Our mission was not to duplicate the helpful information already available, but to fill in the gaps and educate families on missing information that has led to so many costly mistakes today,” says Alice Whinnery, a former CPA with PwC and CEO of the LFE Institute. “As educators, our role is to help families make more informed decisions that will impact their financial lives for decades.”