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3-Step Plan for
College & Retirement

Building Relationships & Increasing Profits

Marketing System for Advisors:

Attract & Retain NEW Clients

This unique 3-Step Plan was specifically designed to prevent clients from making costly college mistakes … but also to help Advisors connect with older Millennials (Gen Y), Gen Xers, and Boomers, increase profits, and build stronger relationships with parents and grandparents of college-bound students.

It’s the first SCORM-LMS e-Learning System designed to prevent widespread college-related problems facing thousands of parents in communities across the U.S. this Fall!

‘More than 50% of grads from 33% of colleges earn LESS than high school graduates’
– Georgetown University Study

79% of Black, 68% of Hispanic, and 60% of ALL students fail to graduate in 4 years, costing parents thousands more than originally anticipated.
– Fidelity Study

3 Simple Steps

This is the only turn-key College Plan that utilizes the latest interactive SCORM-LMS Technology, and is now available exclusively through Advisors, CPAs, College Planners, and Financial Networks.

Step 1: The 5-Step ‘College Plan’ for Students

In the 1st Step, students complete our unique interactive 5-Step ‘College Plan.’ While it is not intended to be ‘everything a student needs to know‘ when planning for college, it’s the only System available today utilizing the latest LMS Training Technology to ensure that students learn how to avoid costly mistakes, save thousands, graduate quicker, borrow less, and be better prepared for the job market.

5-Step Plan

170 Slides
Interactive Technology
Unbiased Content 
The Latest Trends
Traps to Avoid
Key Resources to Access

Student’s College Plan

Student Videos & Resource Guides

Step 2: The ’12-Point Guide’ for Parents

Too many parents are unaware of roadblocks that can add thousands to the high cost of college. The 2nd Step is a ’12-Point Guide’ for parents and grandparents. It includes essential ‘What If’ scenarios they often fail to consider … prior to making costly mistakes that jeopardize or significantly delay retirement. Every parent or grandparent of a college-bound student should discuss each of these decisions with an Advisor prior to spending a dime on college!

12-Point Guide

35 Slides
Interactive Technology
Essential ‘What If’ Questions Critical Traps to Avoid

The Outcome:
Key decisions to discuss with an Advisor

Parent Videos & Resource Guides

Step 3: Personal Consultation

An essential part of this 3-Step Plan is a one-on-one Consultation with Advisors, either in person or via teleconference.

Upon reviewing results from Steps 1 & 2, Advisors are then able to integrate anticipated college costs with the client’s overall financial picture.

This is the ideal time to provide suggestions and explain alternatives to ensure that the client’s goals for both college and retirement are achieved.