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Leverage Your Time & Revenue

LFE’s popular College Video Library and the new content-rich Resource Guides provide an ideal way for Advisors, CPAs, and Planners to boost profits and increase visibility to hundreds  or even thousands  of employees or other large groups this fall.

These engaging e-Learning tools are designed to help individual clients and employees master specific strategies to avoid costly mistakes, identify alternatives when college is not the best fit, and prepare the next generation for a brighter financial future … and motivate parents and grandparents to work with Advisors to help them integrate the high cost of college into their Retirement Plans.

58% of parents state college prevents them from saving for retirement & 41% withdraw retirement savings to pay for college
Society of Actuaries, July 2023
79% of Black, 68% of Hispanic, and 60% of ALL students fail to graduate in 4 years, costing parents thousands more than originally anticipated
– Fidelity Study
, 2023

Increase Profits

You set your own pricing, and retain 100% of the revenue. Recommended pricing for individuals range from $99 – $295/family … or bundle this valuable solution in with other services you offer.

Employers will pay $1 – $99/employee (based on volume) for these tools. Some Advisors also use these Financial Wellness tools to attract more 401(k)/403(b) or Employee Benefit clients.

Employer ‘Financial Wellness’ or ‘Retirement Plan’ Solutions

Turn-key College Videos & Guides for Employees

These unique e-Learning Financial Wellness solutions take none of your time, but can generate tremendous visibility as employees learn how to avoid costly college mistakes, while saving thousands on college. They also stress the importance of working with financial professionals to preserve their retirement assets.

Here are just a few of the College Video & Resources Guide topics available to help families make smarter college decisions. New updates, content, and helpful links were recently added. 

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