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College Video Library Teaches these Skills

Empower Students, Parents & Grandparents

College has become one of the biggest financial decisions in most families’ lives. Yet many are unaware of essential facts, traps to avoid, and money-saving strategies as they begin to navigate the complex world of College Planning. The LFE Institute worked with leading Financial Advisors and College Planners to create this unique Video Library. This education empowers students and parents with essential skills to:

  • Minimize future debt!
  • Prevent the latest college traps
  • Avoid the ‘Great College Drop-out’ (up to 60%)
  • Graduate quicker (only 24% of freshmen graduate in 5 years or less)
  • Prevent costly mistakes millions are making
  • Build job skills without ‘breaking the bank’
  • Identify ‘Insider Secrets’ colleges don’t want you to know (over 90% mislead students on costs … & more)
  • Avoid the massive ‘College Disconnect’ between Grads & employers (53% of new college Grads feel unqualified for a job in their field)
  • Maximize ability to obtain ‘Free Money’ toward college ( high school Grads missed out on $3.7 Billion in free money last year)
  • Work the ‘Numbers’ – Determine if college makes economic sense (ROI)
  • Turn higher education into a great job offer
  • Access money-saving links & resources not found in college sites
  • Avoid the ‘College Implosion’ (which has destroyed the college dreams of 50% of those affected)
  • Explore exciting new low-cost alternatives to the traditional ‘College’ track
  • How to easily overcome not attending an elite school when seeking a great job offer 
  • Capitalize on up-to-the-minute trends: Test Optional Schools, STEM, the job market, and more!
  • Save thousands to ensure future Financial Independence!